Sunday, June 10, 2012

Snow In June??

It started snowing about 7 pm last evening and we woke up to a slight accumulation this morning and it snowed until about 9:30 am.  Here are some pictures from the window of the camper:
IMG_4986 IMG_4987
West Yellowstone is known for colder than typical weather year around.   Minus 40 degrees is common around here in January and February, so 30 degrees in early June should not be too much of a surprise.  When I opened the door at 6:00 am to let the dogs out, little Annie had no interest in going out in “that”.  She took one look out the door and jumped back up on the couch.

Yesterday we wandered into town to check out where we could dump the tanks when we leave here.  There is a huge RV Park in town with a dump station for a $6 fee.  We also checked out a supermarket and a bakery.  Picked up a few basics.  We also found a Laundromat as we plan to get the weekly wash done on Monday.

I have 3 work assignments this week, on Tuesday and Thursday.  For those that don’t know me well, I still do some work for a former employer.  I was in the insurance industry for 40 years as a Loss Control Consultant.  Basically, I do insurance inspections on businesses for their commercial insurance coverage.  On Tuesday, I will be visiting 2 Guest Lodging operations that provided lodging and guide services for fishing and hunting customers.  On Thursday, I will be visiting the McDonalds in West Yellowstone.  Since my former employer provides this service to Insurance Companies in all 50 states, I will be able to do this anywhere I happen to be.  It is kind of my version of WorkCamping.

We seem to be doing okay stretching out our water supply.  There is a clean, and not smelly, pit toilet nearby and we use it during the day.  Also taking very brief showers every third day; using paper plates and minimizing the use of pots and pans by using the microwave and the grill.   As of this morning we have 3/4 of our fresh water left and 1/4 full waste tanks.  Will let you know how that works out as we have a whole week to go before we move on next Sunday.

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Laurie and George said...

The weather has been strange all year. Today it was in the high 80's, and you are getting snow.

Ilene Davis said...

I just popped in to let you know that the HSUV Rummage Sale was a huge success. We raised a little over $4,300.00 which was about $900.00 more than last year. Thanks for your donations and enjoy your travels.

Jim and Rosie Sathe said...

Thanks for the note, Ilene. It is good to know the donations of some of our "stuff" will help the Humane Society make lives better for homeless dogs and cats.