Thursday, June 28, 2012

Photos From Keyhole State Park

This is our last night at Keyhole SP in Wyoming.  We have enjoyed a week here with a water and electric site about 100 yards from the water.  The only down side is two days of temps in excess on 105F.  However, the nights have been cool and the mornings/evenings have had a cooling breeze blowing through.

I am continuing on my personal journey to live more in the moment that always living in anticipation of the next move, the next site, the next trip, etc.  For a person that has always lived 6 to 12 months out in the future, this has been a challenge.  This week I have caught myself just sitting and reflecting on what I am seeing, hearing, feeling at the moment; and it is pretty good.

Other than doing laundry and having one work assignment that took about half a day, we haven’t left the campground.  The sites around us were pretty full Saturday and Sunday, then they started to clear out and we kind of had the place to ourselves.  I took a lot of pictures and thought I would share some with you:


This rock formation across the lake looks like a giant chair and ottoman.


Evening Sky.


Calm Water


Four ladies and their kayaks.


This is my kind of “trail”.  Annie is on the lookout for field mice.  She actually caught one.


View from the “end of the trail”.


Sammy got really excited when he saw this Jack Rabbit.


Rosie and Sammy on the “trail”.




Tomorrow we travel about 140 miles to Custer State Park in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

Thanks for stopping by.


Merikay said...

The good life!

Laurie and George said...

Love the pictures, especially the sunset. It is the life, isn't it!