Monday, June 4, 2012

Love BLM

We are at a BLM campground on the Snake River about 20 miles from Idaho Falls.
The rate here is $10 per night with a 50% discount for Golden Age Passports (being “older” does have some benefits).  The total for our 6 nights is $30; that is less than one night in a standard RV Park.   About 10 of the 14 sites were occupied over the weekend, but now everyone is gone.   Our site is about a half acre of mowed grass backing onto a wooded area.
IMG_4971  IMG_4924
From the camper looking at puppies.                               Puppy view of the camper.
Here are some random shots of the river:
IMG_4934  IMG_4937
Boating Fun                                                               Down River
IMG_4961  IMG_4965
How long before she falls?                                            Diversion to agricultural canal.

The power system seems to be doing better the last 4 days; or maybe we have managed it better.  We now limit TV viewing to mid morning to mid afternoon.  This gives the solar panels a chance to recharge the batteries.  Our lowest reading for battery percent of charge has been in the 50% range in the early morning.  Note that the weather has also warmed up and we are not using the heater overnight so the heater fan is not draining the battery.  The batteries are consistently showing a charge of 95% to 100% in the early afternoon when the sun is at the best angle to the panels.  Our generator use has been minimal; about an hour total each day for coffee maker, toaster and microwave, usually in 5 to 10 minute segments.

I have also gotten the Gigabyte transfers under control.  Our first month we went over the 5GB limit to a whopping 7.85 GB.  I made two big mistakes; the first was downloading a 1.5 GB file for my Magellan GPS update; the second was not considering my automation backups at 2:00 am to IDrive.  I also had rearranged by photo file folders, resulting in a very large IDrive upload.  I have now done two things.  I turn off the Verizon Internet Access at night, and I have reset my IDrive for manual backups, which I will do when I have access to someone else’s Wi-Fi.

Overall, we are adjusting and adapting our use of technology to the limitations of the technology.  It appears we are doing all right in the water management department also.  We hit the road for Hebgen Reservoir in Montana on Thursday after we get the wheel bearings packed and the trailer brakes checked out.

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