Saturday, June 16, 2012

Goodbye to Montana

Our last day at Baker’s Hole was restful, with a touch of excitement.  The temp got up to 72F.  Overall a very comfortable day with only a few clouds drifting by.  After a great breakfast of French Toast prepared by my lovely bride, we wandered into West Yellowstone to get propane and grub.  The propane was very pricey, $3.75 per gallon.  My last propane fill in Ririe, Idaho was $2.50 per gallon.  At least diesel prices are dropping; I topped off in Ennis the other day at $3.95.  The price in West Yellowstone dropped from $4.17 nine days ago to $3.95 today.

When we returned from our shopping trip, we hooked up the pooches outside.  I came in to check on the blogs, etc.  Looking out my “office window”, I saw a large brown animal about 200’ out.  My first thought was “I hope that is not a bear”.  Then I thought it was a cow; but it turned out to be a wayward bison wandering out of the Park, which is about 3 miles to our east.  I grabbed my camera and was lucky enough to get a good picture (aren’t zoom lenses great):


Spent the afternoon reading a 30 year old book on “The Cosmos” by Carl Sagan.  I really enjoy reading about geology, earth history and the universe.  After a wonderful dinner of grilled Italian Sausage with Linguini, I walked out to the river and picked up a few pictures of anglers trying their luck in the Madison River:

IMG_5024  IMG_5028

I will wrap up this West Yellowstone blog with a shot of a decent sunset from Thursday night:


Tomorrow we hit the road through Yellowstone Park, past Old Faithful south into Teton National Park towards Jackson Hole.  Then we head east on Highway 26 to Dubois, WY for another guest lodge inspection and a couple of nights of full hookups.  We are both looking forward to a long, hot shower.  We managed to make it for 10 days on 100 gallons of water and we still have 1/4 tank left. 

Thanks for stopping by.


Laurie and George said...

Good for you on your water conservation. After 9 months being hooked to water, we don't know how to do that yet :) Lovely shots of the sunset and the bison!

Me and My Dog said...

You've got some great photos! Love the geese and babies, and the Bison, and also the gorgeous sunset.

The Bison looks like he's trying to tell you something.

I think the geese are in your next blog, I'm combining! :)