Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ennis, Montana and Ted Turner’s Buffalo

As I mentioned in my prior post, we went on a road trip Tuesday so I could complete two work assignments.  The first assignment was a fly fishing lodge near Ennis, Montana.  This is a very scenic area of Montana, right on the Madison River.  The town has about a 1,000 residents.  Main Street is very touristy and we had a nice lunch at the Ennis Café.  Here is a shot looking down Main Street:

After lunch we drove about 30 miles west to the town of Alder, then turned south for 25 miles to get to my second assignment, another fishing lodge.  About 20 miles into the journey, we saw a large herd of what we thought were cattle until we got a little closer and realized they were buffalo.  This photo shows only about 10% of the buffalo we saw for the next 3 to 5 miles.


Here is a zoom shot of the herd:
Seeing all the buffalo brought to mind news stories we have heard about Ted Turner owning vast lands in Montana where he grazes buffalo.   During my visit with the owners of the fishing lodge, they confirmed that these were indeed some of Ted Turner’s buffalo herd.

On our return trip we encountered other interesting animal life, including these pelicans:

Longhorn Cattle (zoom lens, I didn’t get anywhere near this big fella):

and a great view from a scenic overlook.  Imagine the view from the house in the picture:

The town of Ennis is in the trees in distance (center) of this picture.

For those who have never visited Montana, this is why they call it “Big Sky Country”. 

We left camp at 8 am and returned a little after 5 pm.  The pooches were happy to get out of the truck and run around in the woods for awhile.

Today (Wednesday) the weather has not been so good.  It started out sunny and we took a long walk with the dogs.  About 9:30 it clouded up and the first of many thunderstorms rolled through, some of them with small (pea size) hail.   Most of our neighbors cleared out today (was it something we said?) and it is pretty quiet this evening.

I get to visit the McDonald’s in West Yellowstone tomorrow.   I have inspected a dozen or so McDonald’s the last few years and found (so far) they are exceptionally clean and well managed.  Not my type of cuisine, but the back areas not seen by the public are really in good condition.

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Russ Krecklow said...

We enjoyed West Yellowstone, and I think we even stopped in that McDonalds! That was a few years ago, so they've probably upgraded it since then. Thanks for sharing all these great photos. Really like those pelicans!

Roger Amick said...

Looks good. I have been to Ennis. What gorgeous views. And can you just imagine the view from that house?

Roger Amick said...

Looks good. I have been to Ennis. What gorgeous views. And can you just imagine the view from that house?

Me and My Dog said...

That looks like the kind of town I'd like to retire in. (Well, I'm already retired, you know what I mean.) I wouldn't mind the snow and hail, as long as I had a safe home to be warm in and enjoy the snowfall and storms by looking out the window, near the fireplace. :)

Good to know that McDonalds are very clean behind the scenes. I don't usually do fast food, but still, good to know.