Monday, June 18, 2012

A Day In Dubois

We are in Dubois, WY.  Now you may wonder how that is pronounced.  The proper French way would be Du-bwah;  but the local’s when the town was named didn’t want anything to do with those fancy French folks; so they proclaimed it would be Du-boys, and so it has been ever since. 

When we arrived at the campground on Sunday (a nice place we have stayed at twice before) we were informed there was to be a County wide power outage on Monday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.  That also meant no water since the water pressure is from electric pumps.  This meant Rosie could not do laundry during those hours.  So she and the pooches came along on my inspection trip to the Guest Ranch/Lodge high in the mountains to the south of town.  It was a spectacular ride with some great vistas to be seen.  Tomorrow we drive a short 75 miles to Lander, WY for two nights free camping in the Lander City Park.  We will let all of you know how that goes.

Of course, to get to Dubois yesterday, we drove through Yellowstone National Park.  The prettiest animal sighting was two mama elk nursing their calves about a 100 yards off the highway.  Of course, about 50 cars were stopped and there was a Ranger on hand to keep anyone from trying to get “closer” to the animals for that “special picture”.  Since I was pulling 34’ of camper, I did not try to pull over; so no picture.

Rosie did get some good pictures from the passenger seat on the way; and here are some samples:
IMG_5035  IMG_5043
                                                                                           OK!  I took this one.
IMG_5053  IMG_5066

When we arrived last evening, Rosie went looking for the geese that usually hang around next to the river. They have little geese.  Here are some pictures of them:
IMG_5085  IMG_5094

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Laurie and George said...

Nice shots of the scenery. Those geese look just like the geese & goslings by the river in our backyard. I think our goslings are a bit older. They are so cute!