Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Idaho Sunshine

It was a wet Memorial Day weekend starting with overcast and showers when we moved on Friday and rain pretty much all day Saturday and Sunday until dinnertime on Sunday.  Monday morning the sky was partly cloudy and we got to see a real sunrise.  That gave me a chance to take some picture of the campground and the reservoir nearby.

IMG_4860  IMG_4868

Sites above us.                                                                 Our site

IMG_4874  IMG_4881

The Reservoir                                                                  The mud pit.

IMG_4879  IMG_4880

A gallon container of water holds the dish in place          The grill table when you don’t have a table.

I reinstalled the four batteries Monday morning.  Checking the water levels, I found 4 cells that were low on water.  I have turned off the 50 amp power Monday afternoon and most of today, Tuesday, to test the solar charging system.  In bright sunshine, the system maintains the batteries at 93% to 100% charged, even with varying levels of use.  The real test will be next week when we get to a no hookup campground.  Will post the results of my testing next week.

The shocker this week was the very high Gigabyte accumulations on the Verizon Galaxy Tab MiFi.  I hit my 5GB limit on Friday.  So I reduced my internet access (I thought).  Overnight Friday I somehow used another GB of data transfer.  As of this morning I was up to 7.4 GB of usage.  Then I figured out I was leaving my computer on overnight and my automatic backup to IDrive happens at 2 am.  I had reconfigured my photo files on Friday, so IDrive dutifully uploaded the new configuration of a few thousand high resolution photos.  I did set up a password for access to the Galaxy Tab so I know I wasn’t being “tapped into” by another camper.  A $30 lesson learned.  Now I turn off the Tab MiFi access when we are not using it; no more leaving it on 24/7.  I have turned off my automatic backup so I can manually back up when I have access to someone else’s Wi-Fi.  I just need to not exceed 8GB by midnight Thursday.  I should get a better handle on this next month. 

Our big pooch, Sammy, has been acting different the last few weeks; lethargic, poor appetite, and some bowel movement issues were surfacing.  We took him into the vet today.  Heart, lungs, etc. sound good.  He has lost about 13 pounds.  They drew blood for analysis and I brought in a stool sample for analysis.  Should get the lab results tomorrow.  Hope the old boy is ok.  He is 9 and a big dog.  We hope to have a few more good years with him.  The vet prescribed special canned food and some meds for now.

I am slowly settling into this new lifestyle.  Actually read a book a couple weeks ago and started another book yesterday.  I have always been a forward looking “planner” type with difficulty living in the moment.  Rosie is very good about living in the moment, so I am learning from her, but it is a slow transition. Anyway, I am starting to enjoy sitting in the recliner and enjoying the view from wherever we happen to be.

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