Thursday, May 31, 2012

Full Timing Expenses

Since it is the end of May, our first calendar month of Full Timer living, I thought I would share our living expenses this month as it relates directly to full time RV living.  Campground Fees – $453; Diesel fuel while pulling the 5th wheel – $40; generator gas and propane – $103; RV service and repairs – $61:  Total $657.  I did not include food, insurance, etc. because we would have those expenses in a home or apartment. The fuel while “pulling” is low because we only pulled 100 miles this month.  June will be a lot more.  I filled the 13 gallon gas tank for the generator plus a spare 4 gallons for backup, so that was exceptional as an expense.  We used a little more propane than we expect on the average since nights have dropped down to the high 30’s and low 40’s.

Our pooch, Sammy, is much improved.  All the lab work came back with no issues except a possible thyroid problem.  The Vet did suggest that we get Heartworm meds for both dogs since we are going to be traveling in the prairie mid-west where there are an abundance of mosquitos.

We have had the campground pretty much to ourselves since the Memorial Day Weekend crowd pulled out on Monday and Tuesday.  That means the dogs get a lot of off-leash time on the trails around the campground.  They are very happy, as are we.

Had an interesting (not spectacular) sunset last evening.  Here are a few pictures:




We move to a Forest Service campground tomorrow for 7 days.  $5 a night with no hookups.  Thanks for stopping by.


Jim and Judy said...

Congrats on your one month milestone. Hope you have many many more!

Unknown said...

This lifestyle is the best!!! Safe travels, Ann and Jerry