Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Deal Is Done!

Well, all the waiting and all the stress and all the worry are over.  We closed on our stick house yesterday at 2:00 pm; one day later than it was scheduled thanks to the slowness of one BofA employee who went on vacation last week.  I guess there was no one to fill in for her while she was away.  After the closing we took all of our house keys and the garage door opener back to the house, left them on the kitchen counter and exited through the garage using the 10 second delay on the automatic garage door.  What a relief.

The next objective was to sell our RAV4 (I am not into towing a toad behind the fifth wheel).  I took the RAV4 into the local Toyota Dealer for a lube, oil and filter so I could get a “99" point inspection so I would have something to show prospective buyers that the vehicle was in good condition.  While I was there, I  “wondered” if the dealership would be interested in buying the car.  So I inquired.  Thirty minutes later they offered me my bottom line price.  A sales person helped me transfer all our stuff to a dealer car, got a check cut and drove me back to the campground.  I pulled the title out of the safe and signed it.  He handed me the check.  Objective accomplished in about 2 hours.  Another relief.

Rosie had mixed emotions about not having her own vehicle any longer.  She was happy that we sold it for the price we wanted, but there was a little regret over “losing some independence”.  She is not comfortable driving the big ole truck, but I reassured her that with a little time behind the wheel it would be OK; and I promised to take her anywhere she wants to go without complaint until she is comfortable going on her own.

We sat down and talked about the emotions we were both experiencing.  This is a “transition”  phase where we are out of the house and sold all our stuff; but haven’t hit the road yet.  There is still some organizational work to do on the fiver; plus some logistical items like changing the address on our truck & camper registration, notifying Idaho DMV that we sold the RAV, getting new driver’s licenses and a few other issues before we are truly ready to go.  So, in effect, we are in a kind of limbo between home ownership and full timing; no going back, but not going forward (yet) either. 

On May 18th we will move out to Palisades Dam campground in Swan Valley, ID and try out one of their no hookup sites for a week to test our solar system and adjust to water rationing.  Not much exciting to blog about yet, but I will try to write something interesting a couple of times a week until we head out in earnest on June 7th.


TexCyn said...

Wow, lots happening if you ask me! Congratulations!!! Ya'll are now official. :-)

Laurie and George said...

Wow, you're on your way for sure. I never thought about asking a dealer to buy my car. We have a Honda Fit that I'll need to sell.
Exciting times!

DNPC said...

Do you feel a bit lighter with all of that weight off your shoulders? It's time to take a deep breath, relax, and start enjoying the rest of your life!

Jim and Rosie Sathe said...

Thanks for the good comments everybody. Yes there is a lot of weight off our shoulders. I will take that deep breath and get through the rest of the details; and hit the road in June.

Unknown said...

That was very frustrating having to wait for the closing one more day. However it all worked out. I have moved a few things in, but have been really busy at work and during the days my mom has been over there painting some of the rooms. My fridge was delivered yesterday, but of course does not fit. So now have to move the cabinets over 2" figured while we are doing that. I just as well modify it and install a new Range.
I cannot thank you both enough for everything you have done for me, it has made things a lot easier.
I wish you luck in your future travels and will continue to keep reading your blog.

Thank you!!!

Jim and Rosie Sathe said...

Thank you "Unknown" (actually the buyer of our former home). The extra day was frustrating, but that is all behind us now. We hope you enjoy your new home for many years to come.