Wednesday, March 28, 2012

And Another Week Goes By

Life seems to have slowed to a crawl compared to how we would like it to be.   I have been working with Tim, the RV guy, to facilitate the location and installation of the inverters.  I think we have it figured out.  Tim put in a master DC cable "block" so I will only have to hook up one red cable and one black cable to the battery bank.  I used to have to hook up two black cables and two white cables and it was very confusing.   The solar panels are next on the agenda. The old carpet is completely ripped out and the sub-floor appears in good condition.

On the house sale front, the 2nd Mortgage Company (CitiBank) has approved the Short Sale; now we are waiting on the 1st Mortgage Company (Bank of America).  They ordered an independent appraisal and the appraiser came by today.  Things are looking hopeful.

I made a deposit for a month's stay at a local RV Park during the month of May with an option to extend until June 15th, which is our "drop dead date" for hitting the road.  If we close on schedule, May 8, that will give us from the 1st to the 8th to get the house cleared out.  Can you say "Moving Into Our RV Sale"?

One day at a time!!