Friday, February 3, 2012

Steps along the way.

We sold our master bedroom set yesterday, less than 24 hours after putting it up on Craigslist.  Internet advertising rocks.  Ads are generally free and results are usually good.  In 2009, we also sold our former travel trailer within 24 hours of listing it on Craigslist and on, a Salt Lake City based radio station website with a large classified section.

We found new carpet for the camper on Monday.  I also found a new 125 watt solar panel with charge controller on for $815; heck of a deal.   February is upon us and we are looking at early March  for the new carpet installation and the solar/inverter installation.  Weather continues to be unseasonably warm for southeast Idaho.  Only about an inch of snow on the ground and that is melting a little bit every day when the temps get close to 40 degrees.

Welcome to new followers; Dayton C., Mike Mills and Rick & Kathy.   I love to see my “following” grow a little more every month.  If you want to follow along on our preparation and eventual full time journey, click the Follow button at the top of the screen.

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Merikay said...

lots of steps arn't there! we are on the same path!