Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ready to Boondock

The inverters have arrived; 2 Xantrax 600 watt units from Camping World showed up yesterday on the UPS truck.  Camping World made an error on my original order; and to make up for it they gave me an additional discount of $35 and free shipping.  Total cost for both units = $358.  Pretty good considering the local State Trailer and RV Supply has them on the shelf at $249 each.  So we have the solar panels, inverters and carpet on hand.  Waiting to set an install date with our local RV Service Shop.

A big welcome to new followers; Ash, Encourage One Another, QHSI.LLC, Mello Mike, and Me and My Dog.  I will try to keep this interesting as we go through the transition to full timing.  Once we get on the road, there will be plenty to write about.

Another step in the transition happens tomorrow.  Our agent is coming over to do the listing on the house.


Susan and Bob said...

I am curious about solar so I will be tuned into your blog for information . I would imagine it is really getting exciting now. Thanks

Just BS!(Bob and Sue)

Rick and Kathy Rousseau said...

Congradulations on getting to one of the last step of fulltiming. There are still more steps but you'llfigure them out as you go.

We have removed our word verification as many people won't comment because they can't figure them out. I even have problems.

It's about time.

Jim and Rosie Sathe said...

Thank you Susan and Bob, and Rick and Kathy. I will be posting photos of the solar, inverter and carpet installations soon (I hope).

Jim Sathe

Merikay said...

Will you need to add more batteries?

Blogger has just changed the word verification system, and I am leaving the following on any blogs that I would normally leave comments on:

"I will continue to read your posts, but I am seriously considering not leaving any more comments on your posts. It was hard enough when I had to descramble one word, but now that blogger is asking for two it might be too much trouble unless I feel my comment is very important."

Jim and Rosie Sathe said...

I have a bank of 4 batteries already; so I will not be adding any more. The current batteries are 12 volt deep cycle RV batteries by Interstate Battery.

Me and My Dog said...

Good luck with your listing.

Many people are no longer commenting if they have to use the word verification. You might think about removing it, you'll get more comments! :)