Sunday, February 5, 2012

Bought New Stuff.

Yep; preparations continue for the full time target date in June.  I bought a 125 watt solar panel with charge controller today from for $799.99 including shipping.  Also invested in 2 inverters at 600 watts each; one for the audio cabinet in the living area and one for the TV cabinet in the bedroom.   The inverters are true cine wave units and cost $188 each.  The bedroom is also my office where I will need to run my laptop charger and a printer in addition to a 19” flat screen in the TV cabinet.  We will probably pick up the carpet and pad this week.  That means a big installation project soon.

Welcome to new followers; Eve and Steve, Lady Dyna Ryder and Marie Weber.  I am following more blogs and am getting more excited every day.  Can’t wait to get to Quartzsite and all the other great winter spots in the desert southwest.

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