Monday, May 9, 2011

First journey, second phase.

I left off describing our first camping event of the season on Wednesday evening.  Thursday morning we awakened to discover the water hose had frozen and water from the RV Park was not flowing.  A simple fix is to turn on the on board water pump and use water from the camper fresh water tank.  Peter D. came over about 7:00 am with an electric hair dryer in hand to thaw out the water pipe and hose, but it they had just thawed a few minutes earlier and everything was working as it should.  My water hose did not burst, so no harm done.

I drove 30 miles to my appointment with a resort operation that caters to the tour bus trade.  It is an old farm operation from the early 1900’s.  Now they have accommodations for up to 52 persons to spend the night.  They also offer a 30 minute horseback ride around the property.  Many of their guests are Europeans and Asians that have never been on a horse, so it is quite a novelty to them.  A taste of the Old West, so to speak.

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Thursday afternoon it was time to fill the tank, replenish the larder from Wal-Mart and get some ice cream from the local Dairy Queen.  We took the dogs for a good walk and settled in for a quiet evening of cable television after a dinner of grilled pork chops and scalloped potatoes.

Friday we pulled the rig back to the City Park in Columbus.  My brother, Jon and his wife Dawn, had arrived the day before and set up their tent trailer.  We took an adjacent pull through site and got all set up.  It started raining very lightly, but we had a fire going and got a chance to sit around the campfire and visit.  Jon had prepared our evening meal of lasagna and garlic bread.  Rosie made a salad and we had a mini-watermelon for dessert.  We forced Jon and Dawn to watch the slide show of our RV adventure from 2010.  They did not seem to mind too much.

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It rained fairly steady all night.  I kind of enjoy the sound of rain on the roof; as long as it is not a downpour and there is no lightening and thunder included.  After a quiet breakfast, we hooked up the trailer, said our goodbyes and headed for home.  No snow on the trip home like there was on the first day out.  We took the same route, but the weather had warmed up about 10 degrees.  We stopped at Subway in West Yellowstone for a sandwich.  The puppies got a little bit of my chicken for a special treat for waiting so patiently in the truck.

We arrived home about 3:00.  It was also raining in Idaho Falls.  We emptied the refrigerator and most of the dry foods.  Sunday we cleaned everything out, dumped the tanks and took the rig back to the storage lot.  Our next trip should be on May 23rd to Palisades Dam about 60 miles from home.  Back at you next time.

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