Thursday, July 22, 2010

Chickahominy Reservoir


We arrived at Chickahominy Reservoir west of Burns, Oregon on Tuesday afternoon.  This is a BLM site with designated and undesignated camping.  There are no hookups.  It is also only $4 per night for us Golden Age Passport holders.  We were the first ones here about three in the afternoon.  By the time it got dusk, several others had arrived, including tent campers and a small travel trailer.  There is not a tree in site of this location.  However, it does have it’s own beauty.  The reservoir was very low, about 1/2 full by my estimate.  There is a good variety of waterfowl, including cranes and large white birds that resemble a pelican.  Sunset was gorgeous, with cranes standing on one foot reflected in the water cast in a warm orange glow.  It was so quiet you could hear the bird chatter from a good distance.  Several trails made Rosie and the puppies very happy.  Annie is not feeling well.  She has a hacking cough and threw up 3 times this evening.  But, she has plenty of energy.  We will try to find a vet on Wednesday on the way to our next stop in California.  Here are some pictures from the day.


All alone.                                                               White pelican like bird.

IMG_3193 IMG_3182

Grillin’ and chillin’                                                     Great rock arrangement


Cranes at sunset.


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