Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Heading Home

My business is complete and our trip is coming to a close.  We have been at Waggonhammer RV Park for the last 3 days.  Unfortunately, the weather has been less than ideal.  There have been many showers on and off, day and night.  We did have sunshine for a couple of hours Sunday afternoon and took the dogs on a trail.  The sign says it was part of the Lewis & Clark Trail, but it is hard to believe they would have chosen this route when an easier route is nearby (now highway 93).  Saturday afternoon we took a little side trip to Shoup, ID.  Shoup was named after the first Idaho Governor when this was an active mining area.  Shoup now consists of one store/cafe.  The unique thing about this store is that it has the oldest, functioning gas pumps in Idaho.  Here is a picture.


We enjoyed a delicious vanilla ice cream cone and enjoyed the scenery.  Here are some pictures from the area.

IMG_2920  IMG_2924

This section of the Salmon River is known as The River of No Return.  It was named that back in the 1800’s because men would try to float the river on a raft or in a canoe and they would never be seen again.


It is a few minutes after 6:00 am and we are all anxious to head for home.  Our next trip starts on June 9th when we head for Billings, MT to meet up with family for a campout.  See you then.

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