Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Lessons Learned

We learned a couple of valuable lessons on this short trip.  This was the coldest season we ever attempted camping.  One lesson learned was that you go through a lot of propane when the heater is going all day and all night.  I didn’t think to check the propane tanks until this afternoon when I discovered that one tank was very empty.  Not knowing when the first tank became empty, I was not too sure how much was left in the second tank.  So it was off to find a propane refill source.  Fortunately, an internet search found an RV Resort about 5 miles away with propane.  A phone call confirmed they were open for business and off I went.  The internet is a wonderful thing.  The other big lesson was mentioned in my previous blog; the value of checking where your slide-out is going to go, and doing this before you unhitch. 

Overall, not a bad trip.  The wind was pretty bad and the 6 ton camper shook a little. The dogs took a while to adapt, but they seem to be getting used to the different environment.  This trip was probably better than expected since an electrical hookup was available; so we have the luxury of TV and fully charged batteries in laptops and cell phones without turning on the generator. 

We are going to go boondocking next week for 2 nights about 5 miles from here in a Forest Service site, Kelly Island Campground.   The price is right, $5 per night with our Golden Age passports (the joys of old age), but the sites are primitive.  It is right on the Snake River, so I hope to go fishing again (we will see if I do any catching).  The 10 day forecast shows 60 degree temps next Tues and Wed.  This will be our last good opportunity before we head out on a thousand mile journey to north central Idaho on May 15th.

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